The Best Car Photo Web Sites

A great list of car web sites

  1. Autoblog — Auto Industry Coverage. High-quality photo galleries with photos up to 1280 pixels. Auto shows and automakers.
  2. — Make model comparisons. Events, featured cars, road tests. Photo galleries. Superb photography.
  3. SEMA Digital — Photos from the SEMA show (Specialty Equipment Market Association). High-quality photos up to 3500 pixels. Many categories.
  4. Photo Channel — High-quality motorsports photos of current, teams, drivers, and cars arranged by track, photographer, driver, and racing series. Vintage photos as well.
  5. — "The largest collection of car photos in the Internet." Photos from racing events, track days, car shows, garages, streets, and alleys. Excellent high-quality photography of modern and vintage production and competition automobiles. Arranged by collections. This is a wonderful site. Site donations are accepted.
  6. Serious Wheels — A rich site loaded with high-quality photos (up to 1280 pixels) of most makes from various eras. Arranged alphabetically.
  7. Transtock — High-quality, professional transportation rights-managed photography available for purchase. Cost is determined by usage.
  8. Racing Sports Cars — On this site you can find all kinds of historic shots of racing cars from different eras and types, including F1, Trans Am, CanAm. Find them by searching by make, event, or driver. Many nostalgic and vintage photos, some from the '30s. This is a very rich resource.
  9. — Find user-uploaded car photos, vintage ads, brochures.
  10. Carstyling — This Romanian site has photos of concept cars back to the 50s. Categories include concepts, studios, car design, personalities, creativity, and milestones. Helps to read Romanian.
  11. — An "Automotive Design Resource." Features, concept cars, forums, directories, photos.
  12. Illustrations by Kevin Hulse — Technical cutaways, phantom views, infographics, exploded views. Beautiful work.
  13. Car Design News — "The leading online resource for automotive design." Shows, reviews, new cars, exhibitions, student and corporate work. To see everything at the highest resolution membership is required, but there is a lot to see for free.
  14. — A comprehensive resource for Ford Mustang related wallpaper. 1964 through the present. Show cars, racing cars. Lots of good photography, up to 1024 pixels.
  15. Origin Source — Fantastic photos and videos featuring the Porsche 911 GT3 RS.
  16. Turbo Racing Photos — Photos by Mike and Pat Smith. Can Am, vintage sports cars, Trans Am, vintage drag racing, vintage stock cars, IROC, IMSA, Formula 5000. Photos available for purchase. Still, a good resource to identify a car.
  17. Vintage Dragracing Photos — Vintage drag racing photos. LOTS of photos to look through. Not real large, but cool.
  18. GM Photo Store — Search through GM archive photos, available for purchase.
  19. Sports Racer Network — Click on Gallery. Cars arranged by make. Vintage and current photos. History of marques, many obscure. Many really nice photos.
  20. Car Body Design — Current resources related to automotive design. Videos, car design, engineering, news, features, auto makes, history, designers, concepts. Tutorials for the would-be car designer.
  21. 3-Wheelers — Everything about and every photo of every 3-wheeled car ever made. Old and new.
  22. Car of the Century — Photos and history of GM's first styling director, Harley Earl.

Another Great List from Gary Smith

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